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concrete, alunimum and metal


This body of work is a reflection of the urban landscape I live in. The constant destruction and reconstruction of the physical world has made seeing safety fences, cinder blocks, and rebar grids common place but always from the seat of a car. I rescale and change the perspective of these objects to reframe their context, turning a 1 ton construction wall into a brooch, an orange safety fence into a wall sculpture, a 40 foot rebar and concrete trestle into fine jewelry. Silver, copper, concrete and steel are implemented to create these intimate and detailed structures.

Natalie Macellaio - Grid


Natalie Macellaio -Orange Fence -detail

Orange Fence -detail

Natalie Macellaio -Orange Fence -steel 2

Orange Fence -steel 2

Natalie Macellaio -Building Block -side

Building Block -side

Natalie Macellaio -Rebar in Wall -Brooch

Rebar in Wall -Brooch

Natalie Macellaio - Silver Pallet -detail

Silver Pallet -detail

Natalie Macellaio -Building Block Cruch -full

Building Block Cruch full

Natalie Macellaio - Crumbled Rebar 2

Crumbled Rebar 2

Natalie Macellaio -Orange Fence with Silver Bar

Orange Fence with Silver Bar

Natalie Macellaio - Column